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Drop-in Center Update and Wish List...

Crossing HOME and Jehovah Lutheran Church (1566 Thomas Ave W # 2, St Paul, MN 55104) maintain a Drop-in Center and Freedom Store that serves the needs of the recently released. The center provides a “structured independence” plan for success which includes safe, secure, sober housing in a social and spiritual context. The center helps the men and women ... See more

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‘The Numbers Are So Staggering.’ Overdose Deaths Set a Record Last Year.

The latest on the opioid epidemic...

The opioid epidemic has contributed to reductions in American life expectancy over the last three years, a pattern not seen since World War II, new data show.

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We want to take a moment to thank you for all of your support this month. November started off with a celebration of John's birthday and the love you shared meant the world with him. We were in your Facebook feed for Give to the Max halfway through the month and for Giving Tuesday this week. We truly appreciate all the support and prayers you send our way. You make our ministry possible. Thank ... See more

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“Before I was released I knew I was going to be good because I knew where I was going. I knew it was a safe place where I would be able to work on myself.”

This is how a former resident of Crossing HOME how he felt in the days leading up to and following his release from prison. He described anxious thoughts and a lot of stress, but he knew he would be okay because he had a safe place to ... See more

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Why? Why does it matter that our residents have Crossing HOME in their lives?

One of our residents recently answered, "Cause I'm not able to walk this journey alone at this point. I know in my heart and in my mind that it would be much more dangerous and hard for me without the support that I have now."

You can stand alongside men and women who are leading changed lives after chemical ... See more

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Did you know that in addition to providing sober housing for residents, Crossing HOME helps provide for their other immediate needs?

As board member Jim Seemann shared, "When you leave prison all you have are the clothes on your back and maybe a small box with a few things. You don't get a second set of clothes and what they have is prison-issue. So it's very important to give them a set of ... See more

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What does it mean to have Crossing HOME in your life?

"It means that someone's out there that cares for me. It means that if I fall, they're there to pick me up. It means that I get a second chance in life without being alone."

As we continue our days of shopping during this holiday season, please remember that Giving Tuesday is days away. You can show the men and women Crossing HOME serves ... See more

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Crossing HOME - Colorful Pasts

"...I was introduced to the sheriff by my former youth pastor as an individual he did more praying for, at the time, than pastoring."

We recently sat down with Crossing HOME founder John Henderson to learn more of his story as the pastor's son turned prodigal son. Through his own experience, John saw the real need to help men and women get back on their feet after incarceration and/or chemical ... See more

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