• Contact by phone, send a letter of interest, or email:
    612-889-9610 or 1-800-383-5466
    Crossing HOME
    ATTN: Housing
    1515 E. 66th St.
    Richfield, MN 55423
  • A housing application will be forwarded to potential residents, by email or U.S Postal service. Once an application is received, Crossing HOME will arrange a phone or face-to-face interview.
  • After an interview, Crossing HOME will notify the applicant of their acceptance into a Crossing HOME location, and/or discuss alternative options for a particular individual or situation.

Process for individuals currently in treatment & incarcerated:

The following steps are required by each applicant for submission of interest and the acceptance process.

  • Send letter of interest to:
    Crossing HOME
    Attn: Housing
    1515 E. 66th St.
    Richfield, MN 55423
  • Once letter is received – it is read, processed, and a response from Crossing HOME is crafted.
  • The applicant must notify their case manager of their interest in Crossing HOME as a viable option for release planning purposes.
  • An application that contains a release of information waiver from the treatment center will then be sent to the case worker.  The waiver will need to be signed by the applicant, allowing the treatment center and Crossing HOME to communicate.
  • Once a letter or packet from Crossing HOME is received by the applicant, Crossing HOME (through the individual’s case worker) will arrange a phone or face-to-face interview.
  • After the interview, Crossing HOME will notify the applicant of acceptance in accordance with the release criteria of the treatment center.
  • If all is approved, at the treatment program’s completion, Crossing HOME may assist with transport from the applicant’s facility.